The Health Benefits of Quality Bed Linen

pure linen quilt coversThe Health Benefits of Quality Bed Linen

If there’s one thing that doctors from all around Australia will agree on, it’s the health benefits of a good night’s sleep. Regardless of what you do to enhance your sleeping routine, there’s no greater feeling than climbing under fresh covers and drifting off into a peaceful sleep. A comfortable affordable bed linen set can go a long way, but if you’re in two minds as to the benefits of this unique type of material, let’s take a look at our list of health benefits to better clarify.


A common complaint that most people share – especially during those warmer summer months – is sweating while asleep. It’s no secret that particular materials can contribute to this uncomfortable process, cotton wool and synthetic fabrics being just two of them. Linen on the other hand is very light weight and breathable; making it easy for air to circulate and is perfect for duvet and quilt covers.

Anti-allergenic properties

One of the biggest selling points of quality linen is that its unique composition helps to deter dust and debris from settling. This might not sound like a big deal – but for those with allergies and sensitive skin it can be a blessing. The light weight material won’t absorb particles as they try to settle, meaning that just a quick wipe over or a low temperature wash will remove all but the most stubborn of dirt build ups.

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